Boris Belskiy is one of the leading guitarists of Ukraine, whose name is widely known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Distinguishing characteristics of his performance are brilliant technical competence, highly professional attitude to music canvas, and a perfectly measured delicate perception of any musical material. Combination of these qualities with bright individuality, when interpreting music pieces, makes performance of Boris Belskiy a memorable and extraordinary event.

Oleg Boyko, a laureate of international contests, a concert guitarist, and the organizer of international festival of the guitar music, Ukraine

Boris Belskiy, a wonderful guitarist and a musician, notable for many-sided giftedness (performing musician, tutor, composer, band director), a big talent and high professionalism. Besides, he possesses huge commitment to work. I listened to Boris’ performance not once in Kiev, Minsk, and Gomel. I would like to point out the brilliance and picturesqueness of his performance, his extraordinary technique, and capacity to feel in a splendid manner partners while performing in a band. His performances are always perceived cordially by the public and have stable success.

Evgeniy Gridyushko, a performing guitarist, associate professor of Belorussian State Music Academy, composer, Belorussia