Boris Belskiy – is a many-sided personality in the guitar performance art: he is a well-known performer, talented tutor and composer. In my opinion, the layer of Ukrainian music that includes famous pieces, premier performances and his own musical works represents the most valuable part of his dynamic creative activity. The latter became sufficiently popular among guitarists and are loved by the audience.

Boris Belskiy does not limit his activity to sole performance and successfully combines sound of his favorite instrument with domra (in duet “Belcanto”), with accordion and bass guitar (in trio “Liberty”), as well as with other instrumentation.

Boris Nikolayevich works successfully as a tutor as well, both at initial education stage– at Children’s music school No. 7, and at the highest stage – at the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. His students, being in love with the guitar performance art, demonstrate knowledge of stylistics and particular nature of the performed music, and same as their tutor, the students are engaged in active concert activity, participate in various contests and festivals.

Andriychuk P.O., a professor of the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, art director of Ukrainian folk song and dance group “Darnychanka”, secretary of National All-Ukraine Union of Musicians, leading specialist of Ukrainian center of cultural investigations, and eminent specialist in the field of culture of Ukraine

Mr. Belsky is one of the most compelling personalities in the Ukrainian and East European guitar scene. His virtuosic guitar playing, which has earnt him numerous international awards, is characterised by an aristocratic quality of control and subtle shaping, underpinned by a formidable and rare musical and general intelligence, which in turn is additionally nourished by his compositional activities.

It is that same intelligence and commitment, complimented with experience of musical teaching for over a decade, that gives him an edge as a teacher in all sorts of contexts. Whether it is teaching small children, or discussing detailed interpretive and technical issues with a peer, Mr. Belsky clearly recommends himself as a most impressive ambassador for the guitar.

Александр Цыбульский, лауреат международных конкурсов, концертирующий гитарист, Австралия:

Среди лучших представителей гитарного искусства в Украине следует выделить имя Бориса Бельского. Лауреат престижных международных конкурсов, член президиума Ассоциации гитаристов Национального Всеукраинского Музыкального Союза. Артист, который имеет в своём творческом багаже огромное количество музыкальных шедевров от ренессанса до современности и активно пропагандирует национальное гитарное наследие. Интеллект, благородство, тонкое понимание особенностей эпохи, глубокое проникновение и раскрытие музыкального образа свойственны исполнительской манере Бориса Бельского.
Важно, что кроме блестящего сольного исполнительства, музыкант чудесно владеет мастерством аккомпанемента, играет в семейном дуэте «Бельканто», принимает участие в ансамблях разных форм, дирижирует оркестром гитаристов и имеет незаурядные композиторские способности.

Константин Чеченя, заслуженный работник культуры, кандидат искусствоведения,
Глава Ассоциации гитаристов Национального Всеукраинского Музыкального Союза,
шеф-редактор журнала «Гитара в Украине», арт-директор международного
конкурса-фестиваля «ГитАс» и летней гитарной академии, Украина

Performance of famous Kiev virtuoso musician, Boris Belskiy— is a wonderful gift to soul and heart of a genuine beauty connoisseur: cascades of bright sound compositions, unexpected outbreaks of passages, crystal flageolets, and deep mellow tones. In addition to brilliant technique, Boris Belskiy has immense stage presence. His performances turn into important event, filling hearts with joy, and rendering a touch to the beauty.

Activity of B. Belskiy in capacity of composer is very interesting and diversified. He works both with minor forms and big ones, which is rare for composer’s creating pieces for the guitar. The scale of “Variations of memory of F. Sora” is impressive, as well as airiness and ingenuousness in the popular and virtuoso piece “Naigrysh” (Folktune).

Boris Belskiy is a talented musician, inexhaustible popularizer, and a Showman with a big S.

Yuriy Niprokin, sole performer at Odessa oblast Philharmonia, author of the book “Essays about guitarists”, Ukraine

Concert of Boris Belskiy at the festival “Crystal strings — 2009” included music pieces and adaptations of musical compositions by Ukrainian composers.

Bright, expressive, and a virtuoso performance of numerous pieces was cordially received by the audience of the festival amongst which were not only simple listeners, but music experts as well.

I believe it is worth pointing out the huge value of this programme that publicizes new Ukrainian guitar music. Premier performance of a number of pieces took place. The success of the performance owes a lot to the high level of the performer, who is one of the best musicians among the young generation of Ukrainian guitarists.

Pavel Ivannikov, the laureate of the International prize “Golden fortune”, the lead vocalist in Donetsk Philharmonia, and a tutor of Donetsk Musical Academy, Ukraine



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